Matrix Universe

“John Kolencik is THE superhero of the sales world. There are as many cheesy sales clichés as there are cheesy comic book clichés – but when it comes to sales, John is all business, and cuts to the heart of what you need to improve your sales performance.” — Brad Shannon, Award-winning communications professional specializing in B2B technology

The Universe is full of possibilities.

...From good to bad, best to worst and everything in between.

Unless willing to accept possibilities, you will never know the true potential of your life and career. What if there was a better way? The right way. The BEST way?

“The scariest thing is to not know your place in this world, to not know why you are here, it’s just an awful feeling.” Great line from Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Unbreakable.

The Matrix Universe is the key to opening up all of those possibilities and all you have to do is take that first step…

There is no gray area in sales.

You see glimpses of these characters everyday in your boss, your sales team or you.

A Mirror Image

The question is: Do you know the difference?

Headquartered at the Matrix of Best Practices, the BPL is a group of super heroes whose mission is to fight average to poor sales, marketing and customer service issues across the globe. Led by Matrix Man, each member of the league represents and utilizes a crucial process or technique in the teaching and implementation of the most effective business system in the world… S.O.V.N.O.P.: Sell on Value Not on Price!

Lurking in the shadows of the business world, the Masters of Bad Business are on a mission to conduct business “their way.” The only problem is they don’t realize “their way” alienates customers, squanders opportunities and costs them sales revenue. Don’t tell their leader, Dr. Know-It-All that, he’ll never believe you. Striking out from their mediocre hide-away in the middle of nowhere, the M.O.B.B. won’t be satisfied until they lose every last selling opportunity possible.