NAME: Time Thief

She is the most insidious member of The M.O.B.B., always finding ways to suck seconds, minutes and hours away until you realize you have no time to prepare for your sales meeting or to prospect for new clients. The heck of it is she makes it so easy. You ever notice how a favorite TV show is on or your hometown team is playing JUST when you have meeting prep to do? That is the work of Time Thief. You just never knew it.

Arch Enemy

Timetable leads the way against Time Thief, finding a way to remind you of what is needed and when to get it done thereby negating a big portion of her wicked charms. Coach can help you find and practice the discipline needed to resist her siren song.

However it is Urgent that always seems to cast the deciding blow against her. His ability to make obvious what is most important to a business person and propelling the deal forward is the best counter to any time sapping spell she can conjure.

Yes that's right it takes 3 BPL'ers to bring down this clock killer, more than any other M.O.B.B. member. She is that dangerous!


Though neither will admit it, many believe that Urgent and Time Thief are brother and sister and that is why she is so ineffective when he comes to the defense of a business person.

Key Allies

Dis-Ogre is a BIG help in many of Time Thief's nefarious plots. What could be better cover for sucking away precious minutes from a business person than being so unorganized you lose an important presentation or misplace your iPad?