NAME: Matrix Man

He is the BEST of Best Practice in all of Business. His ability is to absorb and use any process or technique that is within the top 7% of all business practices. When working as a team with the BPL he is regarded as the most effective business hero there is.

Arch Enemy

Dr. Know-It-All is a constant source of dread for Matrix Man because he realizes it is only his connection to his team and his own will power that separates these two rivals.


Because Matrix Man can absorb powers, he grows weak when near any of his enemies. He must strive to always stay in contact with the BEST of all business practices or he could succumb to the worst of all fates, becoming an average business person.

Key Allies

The entire BPL, MM knows that his job is to serve his team and not the other way around. Without them he is powerless and he could not help a single business person, not even himself.

NEMESIS: Dr. Know-It-All