Why Matrix

“John was instrumental in my company’s exponential sales growth. He constantly pushed and challenged me to develop new markets. I highly recommend John and his services to any organization that is looking to increase their sales while improving margins.” — Jeff Adney, Regional Sales Manager, Prime Coat Coating Systems

The average increase in sales revenue our customers see when they work with us?


GROWTH! Business, sales and personal this is what we do. We believe that “average” is a dirty word. We believe that 2 of the most limiting words in the English language are “Good Job.”

We work with owners, sales people, directors of sales, human resources, vice presidents, sales managers and marketing who want to be the best of the best.

If average or “good enough” is good enough we’ll probably make your feel uncomfortable. If you want to be the best, engaging with Matrix Impact will get you there.

Our Passion

We believe most people truly want to improve.

We like knowing that what we do helps people make more money.

We know that people will improve their lifestyle and companies will increase their worth when they use our systems and processes.

I still get goosebumps when a salesperson tells me how they hit their commission bonus or closed a big sale using a process or skill set I taught them. There is nothing more important than the success of our clients. The mystery that drives Matrix Impact every day is finding out what our clients need and showing them the path to become the absolute best they can be.

It could be a company transforming their salesforce, from moderate to exceptional, using our hiring system. Or it could be when we execute a sales blitz bringing in over $200,000 in new business, these are some of the reasons why Matrix Impact was created.

Building successful business people and propelling the companies they work for into the stratosphere that is our passion!

Our Experience

“Only the hungry are willing to do whatever it takes to eat.” Jack London

Not everybody is hungry enough to succeed. Some people are okay with being just plain “okay.” There is a ruthless consistency that comes with being a success in business. You have to have the up at dawn work till whenever mindset, coupled with the desire to be a life-long learner, we call it being a Grinder. Absent those traits there is a definitive ceiling for your success and no floor for failure.

We have found that angry salespeople tend to the best. To be clear, not people who are mean to others but who are MAD when they lose a deal. MAD when they knock on a door and the customer says “You are a day late, we just signed a contract with your competitor yesterday.” When you take situations like this personally it means you are passionate about your success, you tend do what it takes to improve and have the drive needed to succeed.

Nobody can imbue you with desire or willingness to be the best that’s what you bring. What we provide has proven to be the absolute best sales system and processes you can find, delivered by people who have these traits and are the best in sales and business in the world.

Our Process

First the bad news. There is one interdepartmental casualty from working with us. When we complete our engagement and install our systems we close “The Excuse Department” for good.

We teach to be successful in business, you have to inject yourself into the revenue stream of a company. If you don’t you are simply proving you are a “me too” service or product, something that can be provided by ANYBODY ELSE. Once you become part of how a company grows and makes money you become an invaluable resource, essentially irreplaceable.

The intersection of best practice business systems, accountable management, and interactive learning is the hallmark of the Matrix Impact Way. Everything from ride-alongs with sales reps to designing compensation plans with the executive team is how we help you succeed.

Our hands on, day to day work with frontline sales and marketing, middle management and the C-Level will cement our system within your organization.

And always remember, perfect is the enemy of production. Perfection is nearly impossible to attain. Its pursuit very often slows production to a crawl. What we create is excellence, in sales, marketing and overall business practices.