NAME: Gauge

Nobody can fool Gauge. His skill in assessing people is unparalleled in the business world. Whether it be during the interview process or assessing current team members, there is no amount of charm or recitation of facts that can cloud his crystal clear perception of their culture fit, personality, skill sets, talent and traits.

Whether his suit glows Red or Green it does not matter in Gauge’s book. The hiring and assessment process is about getting the BEST people on the team and making sure the wrong ones never make it to the next interview.

Arch Enemy

Gauge stands as the last defense to The Master Manipulator when hiring or assessing business people. Master is constantly trying to “game” the system and sneak bad candidates past Gauge. He knows all it takes is one C-Player to bring down even the best of sales and marketing teams.


The Halo Effect! Gauge knows that he must never allow himself to become too enamored of any 1 thing about those he must assess. One moment of subjectivity, and he runs the risk of bringing in a candidate who will hurt the entire team.

Key Allies

Coach is Gauge's main man! He knows Coach not only teaches best practices but has the second best eye on the team when it comes to evaluating talent. When the rare occasion comes that Gauge needs a second opinion Coach is his first call.

NEMESIS: Master Manipulator