NAME: Master Manipulator

He is professionally charming, smooth and good looking and that’s the problem, you never see him coming. He will tell what you need to hear, but leave out key details. He thinks he is the smartest guy around (make that the second smartest) because his few clients buy what he is selling. His greatest power is messing up your sale with his “endearing falsehoods.” Once the client is burned by “The Master” they stop believing what they hear from virtually everyone.

Arch Enemy

The one person Master can’t fool is Gauge, that red light goes off on Gauge’s chest and the jig is up. Then there’s Contact, nothing makes him angrier than seeing her build the relationships that he can’t even fathom. It has been speculated more than once that Master has “Dis-Ogre” size crush on Contact because she is the person he wishes he could be with his clients.


He doesn't realize how close he is to being a great business person. His ability to connect to people is almost as strong as Contact’s, but he chooses to go the easy route. He never follows through or puts in the time to develop real relationships. The moment a client wants to go to a higher level of trust with him that is his cue to ska-doo, thus dooming him to being average forever.

Key Allies

Mr. Presentation is every bit the phony Master is, just in his own way. These two have a bond that is as slimy as it is ineffective in business.