NAME: Contact

Possibly the most admired member of the team is Contact. Her ability to instantly know and execute the best way to stay in touch with clients, team mates, prospects and networking partners is a wonder even to those on the BPL. Her signature motto “We are a product of our relationships” makes an impact on everybody and has even Coach listening to her when it comes to ideas on lead generation and networking.

Arch Enemy

There is no greater adversary to Contact than The Master Manipulator. His belief that people are to be used to achieve his business ends fly directly in conflict with her desire to cultivate long term productive relationships.


Her ability to manage her time can be at odds with her overall effectiveness, just as her ability to generate a seemingly endless source of ideas can reduce just how successful any one campaign can be.

Key Allies

Contact relies heavily on Timetable to keep her going in the right direction and Urgent to keep her moving ahead.

NEMESIS: Master Manipulator