NAME: The Question

Her natural curiosity and ability to ask the most insightful questions makes her (outside of Matrix Man) the most powerful member of the entire BPL. She knows there is NOTHING more important than what is important to the customer and she knows the only way to find that out is to ask QUESTIONS!

The "sales only" community find her to be an enigma, but as she always says if you want to know what is on my mind all you have to do is ask!

Arch Enemy

Mr. Presentation, the shadow lurking over all business meetings, is The Question’s greatest foe. His desire to be heard rather than listen is at odds with everything The Question stands for.


Though she is very powerful, she knows once Mr. Presentation gets going, many times there is nothing she can do to bring the meeting back to being about the customer instead of about him. She must constantly prepare for meetings and be ready to jump in with the BEST business question at any moment, never letting her guard down for a minute.

Key Allies

Coach has been a mentor and friend of The Question for untold years. No matter how great her curiosity, it was Coach who gave her the business direction. She knows that without his guidance that she would never have gained understanding on the best way to group and phrase questions thus benefiting the customer.

NEMESIS: Mr. Presentation