NAME: Timetable

Known the World over as being the BEST time manager there is, he can always arrange his time & schedule to be most efficient and effective in closing business, staying in touch with customers and improving his overall business skills.

Arch Enemy

Time Thief’s powers can sometimes make even this ultra-organized hero melt and succumb to her time wasting wiles. Dis-Ogre presents his own unique threat. His mindless brute like problems with organization can overwhelm anybody and always push Timetable to the limits of his powers.


Timetable has, at times, allowed his zealousness for time management to overcome him. He is sometimes his own worst enemy. Mindlessly sticking to his initial plan instead of rethinking and re-prioritizing his schedule based on what is best for the customer and his business.

Key Allies

Timetable and Urgent are good friends but always at each other’s throat. Urgent is always pushing Timetable while Timetable resists and urges Urgent to be more prudent in his organizing ability.

NEMESIS: Time Thief