NAME: Urgent

Always Move Forward: The first time I heard Urgent use that phrase all I could see was lightning shimmering behind him. He never lets himself or business go backward. “What is the next step?” “Who else do we need to meet with?” Urgent is the man who ensures we schedule the next meeting, hit our sales goals and improve as business people. He, more than anybody else, knows that if we aren't moving forward, if we appear to be standing still we are actually going backward.

Arch Enemy

Time Thief’s presence and ability to alter a person’s priorities are a threat to Urgent. If he allows himself to get off track for even a second, he may lose a critical sale or cease to improve as a business professional. It doesn't help that many believe Time Thief is Urgent's sister and he has a soft spot in his heart for her.


On occasion, the desire to always move forward must be tempered with what is best for the client and for the company. Urgent has to battle his impetuousness to move ahead artificially and practice what he calls “Patient Urgency.” A process that always moves forward, but keeps in mind the big picture as well as the immediate goal.

Key Allies

Everybody has that one friend that you both can't live without and sometimes can't stand, for Urgent that friend is Timetable. Both their powers are based in time but one is about organizing it and one is about pushing it, so it's no surprise they will butt heads on occasion. But when the chips are down and Time Thief, Dis-Ogre and the rest of M.O.B.B. on are the move these two will find a way to win!

NEMESIS: Time Thief