NAME: Mr. Presentation

What can you say about him that he hasn't said himself... 100’s of times? He'll ask 1 question, maybe 2 but then it’s a race to get the first, last and most of the words in any conversation. It’s too bad too because he does have good information to share. He just doesn't realize that customers are tuned into W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me). He is more concerned with getting out the 3 F's (Features, Facts and Figures) REGARDLESS of their importance to the customer.

Arch Enemy

For the life of him he will never understand The Question. Why would a salesperson prefer to ask questions rather than throw out 1000’s of factoids? Doesn't that show the customer how smart you are? It's bewildering to him as to why The Question’s customers trust her more than him. Ironically, it's also the reason Mr. P will always be viewed as a mere sales person and not a business person.


He's afraid to admit he doesn't know an answer, thinking it shows weakness in front of the customer. He will obfuscate, muddy or over-complicate, but never take the time to find the person with the answer or research the answer. And that will always doom him to mediocrity.

Key Allies

Master Manipulator is his kind of sales person. Mr. P just loves the way he controls the customer, even if the customer doesn't want to be controlled.

NEMESIS: The Question