“John cares about people and results. He has the rare combination of being able to easily build meaningful relationships, while not sacrificing the "push" needed to move people and their organizations to the next level. He's smart, relentless and he's sincere, bottom-line he gets it done.” — Renee Beall, Senior Manager / Core Sales & Marketing Strategy at DSM Nutirtional

We live in a Knowledge Economy.

All business is now an IDEA Business; To succeed you need to be a Thought Leader.

Moore's Law has been Blown Away. Customers are learning MORE and FASTER without ever hearing from us.

Technology has changed the definition of value and relationship at a pace we can't comprehend.

Most business people don’t like to talk to sales people. They view them as a “necessary evil.” Business people like to talk to business people, somebody they can learn from and possibly “borrow” an idea from that could help their organization.

Is your company setup to deal with these new realities and if not who will help you adapt?

“They don’t want quarter inch bits, they want quarter inch holes.”  Leo McGinneva

Selling does not guarantee buying. Conversely it can actually doom you, for months if not years, with customers if it’s not being done right. If you can’t get to the root of the problem, then you can’t change the experience of the customer. You need business people who sell not salespeople who do business, thinking in terms of what problems you solve not what services you offer.

Your people, system and processes must be agile enough to adapt to a business environment that is changing FASTER than you realize. Matrix Impact not only improves but scales your sales, marketing and customer service so you can deliver what the customer really needs. Hint: it’s not a product/service but how your product/service makes your customer’s job easier and impacts their bottom line.

We focus on delivering 3 things:

  • Creating business people who are expert sellers, knowing how the marketplace works and realizing customers don’t like to be sold but they love to BUY!
  • Building best practice systems and processes that get the most from every employee, every resource and every minute.
  • Growing the bottom line of EVERY client we have.

I don’t know any top flight business person who is willing to squander one minute (526,600 minutes in a year to quote “Rent”) or one second (86,400 seconds in a day). This is where Matrix Impact comes in. We act as a force multiplier to your executive management, middle management and frontline.

While you focus on the day to day of running your business, we are working behind the scenes and on the frontier developing your people and establishing the systems you need to produce stellar bottom line gains. When our engagement is complete you have a revenue raining, business changing, NO EXCUSE environment.


I had a customer ask me “how do I get customers to listen?” I asked him “Hey Steve, I just sat in on your discovery meeting. Why would they listen if all you do is talk?”

People want to know what works in the real world. Then who better than somebody who will go out and show you in the field?

Managers have told me time and again the reasons why things can’t get done. My advice is always the same “when you defend your limitations, you get to keep them. You need to find the reasons to start doing things instead of the reasons why you can’t.”

Businesses want to differentiate themselves from the competition. So talk to the person who can show you what worked in the electronics industry and how he applied it to selling industrial coatings.

JCK is a grinder. He believes that sales is about being ruthlessly consistent in your work ethic and the immutable laws of business but you also have to be on the edge of tomorrow’s newest trend. How can you help a customer see something in a new light if you are only focused on the past?

JCK has

  • Trained and consulted with over 4,500 sales, marketing and customer service people
  • Worked with over 300 different companies
  • Designed, set up and executed over 700 trade shows and 150 sales blitzes
  • Hired over 500 sales people in the U.S. and Canada.

“My Mom got me started reading at 7 when she made me a deal. She would buy me 4 comic books a week if I would promise to look up any word I did not know in the dictionary. I would have to mark it on the page it came from. She would then randomly test me on the words to make sure I was doing it.”

“That taught me a vibrant lesson that I cherish to this day. People learn best and absorb most when they are engaged and they are generally most engaged when they are entertained.”

JCK is a life-long comic book and movie buff, incorporating the best parts of his hobbies into his presentations. He utilizes his own proprietary technique known as Infotainment (Information presented entertainingly) incorporating (pop culture, movie, TV and sound clips) to analogize key points. The result is information delivered with energy, humor and style. Topics are easy and accessible to audiences of all demographics.

His unique approach captures and holds an audience’s attention. The sensation of learning without feeling “taught” is his gift. His motivation through enthusiasm and knack for involving an audience is an offshoot of his competitive nature. He is an athlete at heart and you feel an athlete’s passion throughout his programs.

John earned All-State honors in football at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio. He attended Kent State University on a football scholarship, where he earned dual Bachelor degrees in Rhetoric & Communication and Psychology. He was also was a 4-year Letterman.