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Are salespeople growing stale and are customers frustrated?

A great discussion on Linked In today prompted this post, here is my answer to the question:

The short answer “are salespeople growing stale NO, are customers frustrated YES. Here’s why…
Business people want to work with other business people. I am proud to be a sales person but I am successful because of what I know about business; generally my overall business acumen and specifically my client’s business.


Have you or your sales organization ever participated in a Sales Blitz?


We have created a one of its kind revenue growing, “sales climate changing” event. A melding of lead generation, continual development training and motivational sales meetings called the S.I.T. Blitz®.


Hiring A Sales Superstar: The Wrap-Up

Between stimulus and response there is always choice” Victor Frankl

All right now, you have put you candidates through the prescribed series of interviews, tests and simulations. You are down to the candidate you want to hire so now what?