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LOSING Sales Dollars Through Lead Generation

I had a marathon meeting with a potential client last Thursday night. We covered a range of topics but kept coming back to the problems they are having in lead generation. The next morning, during a 5am snow shoveling, I got to thinking, some might say I had an epiphany.  What and how we think about generating leads from a sales perspective is all wrong.

Currently, we look at it as a high hit, low conversion process. Lead generation is a bigger more, important process than a couple of leads that turn into a few appointments that turn into 1 or 2 sales.

Lead Gen is not a zero sum game. There are always more people NOT ready to buy (95%) then ready (5%). And research from Selling Power to Marketing Sherpa says that 75% of ALL current leads you produce will buy something eventually. either from you or a competitor.

When they are ready to buy, will you be ready….. will you? Or will you neglect their potential merely because they are not in active buying mode right now? And if you don’t neglect them what is the best way to stay in touch with them?

From initial contact to qualification to entry into the buying process, I will be addressing every lead gen issue there is over the next 2 weeks. Every post will discuss a problem in lead generation, the solution and how to implement the solution. The ideas we will be presenting,  I promise, are going to impact your sales bottom line so profoundly you will never look at lead generation the same again.