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Hiring A Sales Superstar: The Wrap-Up

Between stimulus and response there is always choice” Victor Frankl

All right now, you have put you candidates through the prescribed series of interviews, tests and simulations. You are down to the candidate you want to hire so now what?

  1. Invite the candidate(s) to an offer meeting
  2. Prepare for said meeting by putting together your Minimum Expectation Agreement
  3. Hire: Schedule their start date and everything you expect out them before, during and after their first day.
  4. “I Have to think about it”: This is a perfectly acceptable answer, ask what they have to think about, who they must include on the decision and make sure you have a definitive call time to followup.
  5. NO: Ask their reasons and either thank them for their time or make a fight for them.
  6. Regardless of the outcome start the hiring process over again because hiring is an all the time thing. You ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS want to have an “Ongoing Bench”. Never be put in the situation that you are a rep down. Why would you want to lose that revenue? Especially because it was just you being lazy and sitting on your as… I mean resting on your laurels.Alright, that concludes “Hiring A Sales Superstar” now what comes next? Well once you have a new hire they need to hit the ground running. How do you do that? It is called P.O.D. Productive Orientation and Development tune into my next post and we will start the discussion.

    And remember you can either make sales or make excuses but you can’t do both!