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Hiding Behind Technology

In the very recent past, it has been taught making a phone call was “old school.” That sales is now all about social selling and electronic correspondence. But one thing has NOT changed. A sale doesn’t happen until a salesperson engages with a customer. Funny how quick the cycle came back around.

We have become presenters, quoters, proposers, and dare I say it “relationship builders” but not in a good way. We hide behind these things because it give us permission to not to talk to the customer but still appear active. Because at the heart of it all salespeople still fear rejection. Technology has given us the perfect hiding place.

It is time to use the tools we have developed as they were designed not as a shield. Yes we have to use social media, do research and recognize what screen is best to message with a customer. But we still need sales managers to teach the “lost art” of telephone prospecting. We need sales people to include calls in their customer touch mix.

The funny thing is if we do this right, telephone calls can be a great differentiator. Customers will respond to you because they don’t want to simply interact with only electrons all day. As the great Rick Springfield once sang “we all need the HUMAN TOUCH!”