Our message for
sales people

Increasing your month to month, year to year sales is the goal. But what you really want is an upgrade to your lifestyle based on your improvement. No matter how you define “lifestyle” it takes specific skills and steps to get to where you want to be.

Not once a week or month, we will roll up our sleeves and practice our proven techniques day to day. Impacting your sales growth and propelling you to the lifestyle you want.

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Our message for
business owners

How do you shape the direction AND drive the growth AND improve the culture of your business? 3 areas owners wrestle with day in and day out. Expect a COLLISION if these critical pieces are not executed correctly and worked on continuously.

Making your vision a reality is what we do. Impacting your hiring & assessment, continual development and lead generation is how we do it.

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Our message for
sales executives

You have multiple branches, divisions and products to manage and never enough time. COMMUNICATION. ACCOUNTABILITY. ACTION. The hallmarks of business growth. Yet, so often they are also the things that stymie our progress.

Our proprietary system will impact and support the way you lead and manage your sales force leading to an overall increase in sales revenue and profit margin.

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Headquartered at the Matrix of Best Practices, the BPL is a group of super heroes whose mission is to fight average to poor sales, marketing and customer service issues across the globe...

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Dr. Know-it-all

Lurking in the shadows of the business world, the Masters of Bad Business are on a mission to conduct business “their way”. The only problem is they don’t realize “their way”...

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