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Have you or your sales organization ever participated in a Sales Blitz?


We have created a one of its kind revenue growing, “sales climate changing” event. A melding of lead generation, continual development training and motivational sales meetings called the S.I.T. Blitz®.

Sales organizations know the basic “flavors” of a sales blitz with most formats being designed for, at best, impermanent returns. Our evolutionary idea came about by a question from sales management across the country. We were asked “How can we achieve long-term sustainable revenue growth combined with short-term sales?” That question led to the birth of the S.I.T. Blitz®.

The S.I.T. Blitz® is designed to fulfill the urgent need of increasing sales pipelines immediately. The natural by-product of the S.I.T. Blitz® lays the ground work for continued prospect nurturing that leads to a steady stream of sales revenue for the foreseeable future. Our process focuses on improving the skill sets of your sales team, helping to augment any established lead generation system, bringing in immediate sales dollars and setting the tone for ongoing success all within your current selling environment.